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On the relevance of black metal

28 November 2012
On the relevance of black metal

Nowadays, gradually

The volume of construction of objects for different purposes is increasing, which entails

Increased consumption of black metal. I must say that the products

This kind is important and in demand in many industries. Elements

Black rolled metal are used in civil and industrial construction,

Machine-building and machine-building, agriculture, oil industry,

Construction of bridges and in the process of manufacturing reinforced concrete products. Finds

The use of such products in the country's defense complex.

What is included in the concept of «black metal»?

This group of products includes products,

Made of iron, cast iron, steel, chromium, manganese and other constituents.

It is worth noting that ferrous metals are used more intensively than non-ferrous metals,

Since they possess such unique qualities as special strength and

durability. Virtually any erected building objects (especially

Monolithic structures) include in their composition structures made of


About types of black metal

The products considered can refer to

One of the following types:

• High-quality metal rolling. It includes

Such products as a beam, reinforcement (especially in demand when erecting

Monolithic frame structures), wire rod, circle, strip, square, etc.

• Sheet metal. Usually,

It is used in machine building and construction. The most popular sheets

Cold-rolled, hot-rolled, galvanized. There are other varieties,

Related to this subgroup.

• Shaped metal. Required for

Construction of prefabricated buildings. In particular, such products include

Corner, channel, etc.

Production features

During the manufacturing process, the black metal is exposed

Certain transformation. Thus, ingots are processed by pressure and

High temperature. The result of such impacts is the emergence of

Products of the required size and shape, having specified quality parameters.

To give the products of the black metal group the necessary configuration,

Billets are subjected to pressing, forging, stamping on presses or sheet

Stamping, rolling and drawing. About 70−80% of all produced steel

Production is made on rolling mills. This is how the wire, sheet

Steel, reinforcement, channel and so on.

It should be noted that the production of black

Metal rolling both in our country and abroad constantly increases.

Industry experts expect a significant increase in demand for

Corresponding products in such industries as capital construction,

Machine tool building, operation of railway transport.

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