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Stainless steel profile

5 September 2012
Stainless steel profile


Characteristics of steel profile made of stainless steel


The steel profile is a strip of

of stainless steel. This kind of profile

Characterized in that in the transverse

Section there is no internal canopy

space. This type of rolled metal

Perform from special types of steel possessing

High corrosion resistance and

Resistance to

Temperatures and chemicals, such as

As alkalis and acids. Stainless Stamps

Steel in its structure contain nickel,

This element allows the profile

Strength and use in

Various fields of industry and

Construction. If there is no nickel

In the structure of the profile, then this metal

Profile has its own operational

Properties and has its own purpose

In the industrial sectors, and many

Businesses prefer to buy

Building fittings.


Stainless steel profile

With the following widths from 15 to

120 mm, and a thickness of 2 to 10 mm and used

Range of length from 2 to 6 meters.

The main steel grade used for

Production is 12H18N10T foreign

Analogue used in production

AISI 304. The standards used for

Production: GOST 103-76 , DIN EN



From stainless steel classify

For products of lengths and lengths of a multiple

Dimensional, dimensional length including

More than 15% by weight of batch of bars

Which are considered to be a remainder. Batch length

Multiple dimensional including no more

15% of the total mass of short rods,

Unlimited length. The remnants include

Flat bars measuring from one

Up to two meters.


Hot strip production

Metal, which gives the profile a long

Lifetime and allows you to withstand

High loads.

By the method of

Hot rolling is a modern

Stainless steel strip, this gives it

Long service life and withstand

Significant loads. Depending on the

From the rolling accuracy profile is classified

On ordinary and increased strength.

Strips of conventional strength have a larger

Demand in industries because of the

Lower price, compared to the bands

Increased strength. It is necessary to take into account,

As well as profiles of increased strength so

Are in high demand because of the higher

Reliability and longer term

Service, in comparison with the bands usual



The scope of stainless steel strips



Application of stainless steel strips

Huge and as a result is used

Practically in all branches of the economy.
Distributed by

Use of stainless steel strips

In the production of various types

Metal structures. Material from

Stainless steel is not only

Strong, but also easily fit into the

Almost any exterior and interior

While he practically does not lose his

Properties, which makes it possible to widely apply

This material is in construction.


Stainless strips are used for

Production of a number of instruments, such

As cutting tools. Important

Feature of a strip of stainless

Steel, is the ease of use

In the production of tools. The

The type of rolled metal allows

Finished products with little or no

Special equipment.

In this way

In this way, we understand that this material

Is an indispensable element of development

Construction industry and for production


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