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Galvanized steel and its features

9 August 2012
Galvanized steel and its features

Zinc plated

Steel today is widely used in

Construction. Unique operational

Characteristics make the material from both

Sides protected by a layer of zinc thick

Not less than 0,02 mm. And polymer components,

Irreplaceable for installation and finishing

Roofing, in the construction of floors and

Facing the facades of the building itself

Various purposes.

Zinc plated

Steel is used both in a flat in a form,

And in the form of corrugated sheet. In this case, one

Of the most common

Building materials of modernity is suitable

As for the production of piece, and for

Manufacturing of serial products. Steel

Zinc-coated is used in

The construction of ventilation shafts,

Air ducts, in the automotive industry and

In housing and communal services.

"Zinc coating"

Now called protected

Zinc metal coating,

Protected from corrosion,

And chemicals. Steel, galvanized

Can serve for several

Tens of years depending on the quality

Installation and operating conditions.


Depending on the features of the method

Production of one of the most

Common building materials,

Distinguish hot-rolled and cold-rolled

steel. Hot way to create zinc

Cover implies immersion

Steel in a container filled with galvanic

Solution. As a result, zinc

Is applied to the base material. This

The coating is called ferro-zinc.

The thickness of zinc can be from 0.5 to 1.2 mm.

To date, galvanized coils

And sheets protect from adverse

Effects of atmospheric precipitation unilateral

Or double-sided coating.


Rolls with zinc plating are capable of

To withstand almost any mechanical

The impact, including bending, drawing,

Punching or rolling. Steel with

Polymer coating is used for

Giving roofing decorative properties.

As polymer components

Polyester, silicon-polyester,

As well as metafluoride polyethylene.

Most common today

Received roofing materials with

Polyester coating. These are the

Building materials are characterized by the best

A combination of price and quality. Besides,

Polyester is characterized by high plasticity

And resistance to environmental

Environment. Heat resistance of a similar material

Is about 120 degrees (the lower

The temperature boundary passes in the region

Minus 60 degrees).

Currently thin-leafed

Cold-rolled and hot-rolled steel,

Protected by special coatings,

Is of the highest quality and

Flawless operational


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