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"VSMPO-AVISMA" has found an alternative to titanium raw material from Ukraine

14 September 2011

Company «VSMPO-AVISMA» announces the arrival of the first batch of ilmenite concentrate from Mozambique to the address of the Corporation. Batch of concentrate to 16 thousand tonnes were transported by sea, which took in about two months. Raw material contains high titanium oxide content, the experts of the Corporation. In a short time the concentrate will be a special examination, the purpose of which is to determine the consumption ratios for graphite electrodes, electricity and coal. Earlier it was reported that this year due to the reduction of the supply of concentrate from Ukraine (Volnogorsk MMC), «VSMPO-AVISMA» plans to make purchases of ilmenite ore in India and Africa. «VSMPO AVISMA» — the world’s largest manufacturer of titanium — ingots and all kinds of semifinished products of alloys containing titanium. The company also produces large-size extruded products from aluminisodergaszczye alloys. Another profile of the company — manufacturer of semi-finished products from alloyed steels. The Corporation produces and heat resisting alloys on a Nickel basis. Partners of Corporation «VSMPO — AVISMA» are leading aircraft manufacturers: Airbus, Boeing, Rolls Royce, SNECMA, Pratt&Whitney and others. All in all, over three hundred firms in 48 countries. Company «VSMPO — AVISMA» has more than 300 international certificates for quality management system, certificates on production methods and control, as well as patents for certain types of products from titanium and some other materials.

12 September 2011
14 September 2011