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Stainless pipe sales

17 August 2011
Stainless pipe sales

The company "Avec Global" produces

Sale from own warehouse where it is represented

The widest assortment of stainless

Pipes, and

Accompanying goods by the most optimal

Prices. The warehouse is located in a convenient location,

Next to the office.


We pay special attention to the stainless pipe

Electric welded because of its high strength

And relative cheapness. These qualities

Make it irreplaceable in heating

Systems, air conditioners, water and

Gas pipelines. Range of application


Pipe includes

In itself medical, electronic,

Aviation, and automotive, textile

Industry and many others.


Aesthetically attractive

Looks stainless

Mirror tube-


It gives a stunning look to any

Building structure.


At their relatively high price,


Mirror tube

Sales leader. It has an increased

Resistance to corrosion due to high

The ratio of chromium to iron on the surface,

Winning mechanical characteristics.

When buying is easy to see and weed out

Pipes with surface defects. AND

An absolutely remarkable property -

The surface of the highest quality, on

Which is almost no plaque left

Dirt, makes it irreplaceable in

Plumbing systems.

> On

Our warehouse is represented by the widest

Assortment of stainless

Pipes for

Prices that will satisfy you.

16 August 2011
18 August 2011