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Stainless steel thick-walled pipe

6 July 2011
Stainless steel thick-walled pipe

The most widely used thick- walled stainless pipes are found when it is necessary to transport liquid or gases under pressure. Due to the large thickness of the walls, such pipes perfectly handle high pressure, and due to the variety of types of these pipes, it is possible to perform a variety of tasks. By the way they are made, thick- walled stainless pipes can be divided into two types. The first kind of manufacturing method includes seam or welded pipes. The second type includes seamless or seamless thick-walled pipes .

Thick-walled stainless pipes are classified not only by the manufacturing method, there are other divisions of thick-walled stainless pipes. They are also subdivided into cold-deformed and hot-deformed ones. For each thick-walled stainless steel pipe, different GOST is characteristic, which depends on the method of their manufacture. For example, a stainless thick-walled seamless pipe has two GOST standards: for cold-deformed pipes and for hot-deformed pipes. Only it is worth noting that it is mandatory in each standard to contain information with the help of which it is possible to calculate the thick-walled pipe .

Materials for the manufacture of stainless pipes

The main material from which most thick-walled pipes are made is steel. It is selected, in accordance with the possible purposes of using the pipe, and depending on the technical requirements that are required for the finished product. Therefore, thick-walled pipes can be made of steel of different chemical composition. A special place is occupied by a stainless steel thick-walled pipe. Such stainless thick-walled pipes are widely used in construction. Also thick-walled stainless steel pipes are often used in engineering.

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