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Stainless pipe and the price of it.

13 July 2011
Stainless pipe and the price of it.



Electric-welded pipes

Profile and round. Most

In demand pipe

Round stainless . She is

Indispensable in

Medical, pharmaceutical,

Petrochemical, processing, etc.



Electric welded pipes produce

Bending of the hot-rolled strip in

Rolls of stainless steel tape, which

Then welded on a pipe electrowelded



LLC "Avek Global" offers

Wide assortment and most attractive

Prices for stainless

Electric welded pipes .

In the section "Directories" selected

Surface classification material

Flat products, permissible pressures

For electrically welded stainless steel pipes,

Compliance of internal diameters and

Thickness, and so on. Calculated

Mass for stainless electrically welded

Pipes of rectangular and square

Profile, calculated masses for stainless

Bars and stainless strip.

Our company is going

To meet all the requirements of the customer.

12 July 2011
14 July 2011