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Stainless steel pipe.

8 June 2011
Stainless steel pipe.

The most

Various types of stainless pipes

Became more and more widely and successfully

Used in marine and terrestrial

Constructions. Using stainless

Pipe in

Sea water has allowed in the long-term

Prospect to significantly reduce the cost of

Complex of anticorrosive measures.


Pipe from

Austenitic and martensitic stainless

Have been used for many years

Superheater pipelines

Thermal power plants, as well as

Strapping steam turbines. Stainless

Pipes allow

To build thermal power plants in marine

Conditions. Stainless

Pipe also

Used in ocean vessels, in tanks

For the storage of chemicals, often

Very aggressive in composition.


Stainless steel pipe long

Service life, corrosion resistance,

Significant strength, which makes it

Indispensable in the defense industry.


The pipe has

Optimal ratio of strength to weight,

Therefore it is successfully used in the most

Different building structures.


The pipe has

Several classes of surface purity,

That allows satisfying all

customer requirements. She is


To realize any architectural plans

In civil and industrial construction.


Company Avek Global Ltd

Offers a wide range of electrowelded

Stainless steel pipe .

We cooperate with manufacturers

Russia and Ukraine, we supply stainless

Matte, mirror tube, pipe

Stainless steel profile from Europe and

South-East Asia. More petty

Information you can find on our website.

7 June 2011
9 June 2011