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The General Director of holding company "Titan of Ukraine" supports the idea of privatization of enterprise "ZTMK"

22 April 2011
The General Director of holding company

Alexander Nechaev,

steering holding state

company «Titan of Ukraine», spoke out

in support of the involvement of the private

capital relative to the number of enterprises

located in the state

of ownership. In the list of companies, ban

the privatization which, in his opinion,

should be removed, the number of such companies:

  • Zaporizhia titanium-magnesium plant (CP «ZTMK»), specializing in the production of sponge titanium manufacture titanium fittings castings and ingots, ferrotitanium (mark Ferroalloy Fti70s05), products from Germany, silicon and other products;
  • Public joint-stock society «Sumykhimprom» (producing phosphate fertilizer, titanium dioxide, pigments based on it, coagulants, acid and other chemical products).
  • JSC «Odessa port plant», a major producer of ammonia and urea.

Its position, endorsing

the resolution of the privatization of these companies

Alexander Nechaev expressed at the meeting

members of the Union of chemists of Ukraine, held

20 APR 2011 in Kiev. According to

Director General of holding company «Titan

Of Ukraine», the full development of these

companies is only possible with the involvement of

private capital, because the state

can scarcely be

an effective owner.

21 April 2011
26 April 2011