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Aluminum body

16 February 2011
Aluminum body


Aluminum for body parts used

few. It is very soft and prone

Corrosion. To improve the properties with pure

Aluminum is mixed with other metals

And elements in different proportions and

Aluminum alloys are obtained. In these

Alloys include elements such as copper,

Chromium, iron, manganese, titanium, and zinc. AT

Depending on the required properties of these

Elements provide rigidity,

Strength, elasticity, hardness, workability

And corrosion resistance. Each

Aluminum alloy in American

The standard is denoted alphanumeric

Code that represents

A combination of letters and numbers. Most often

Alloy with code 3003-H14 is used. Main

Number 3003, indicates that the main alloying

Element in the alloy is manganese,

And the designation H14 indicates that the alloy

Was hardened by cold working. Such a

Processing makes aluminum more rigid. When

Order aluminum request sheets

Alloy 3003-H14 with a thickness of 1.3 to 1.6 mm. Him

Easy to handle and weld and it

Has sufficient resistance to


15 February 2011
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