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In 2011, the rising price of aluminium will not stop

20 January 2011
In 2011, the rising price of aluminium will not stop


analysts say the aluminium market

the price of «winged metal» in the coming

year will continue to demonstrate

a tendency to increase.


this view seems also to be the Main

Executive Director of the company

Alcoa (Pittsburgh, USA) Klaus Kleinfeld.

He predicted that in 2011 growth

consumer demand for aluminum

will increase (compared to last year)

another 12%. According to the head of the company

international leader in smelting

aluminum, the main catalysts for

rising prices will serve the markets of such countries

as Vietnam, Indonesia, India and

emerging markets are States in the Middle



since June of last year, prices

«winged metal» has increased by almost

one-third (from 1900 USD to 25 thousand).

And in the light of global economy not

objective reason to expect any radical

changes in the sequence of events

on the world aluminum market.

In addition

in China, as previously reported,

in connection with change volumes

electricity, the production of aluminium

beginning to decline rapidly,

(while maintaining the same level

consumption) has led to a significant

the increase in imports of this light

metal to China.


to these circumstances add tendencies

investment companies to invest

funds in non-ferrous metals (associated

with the dynamics of a weakening currency)

come to the conclusion that optimistic

forecasts manufacturers of aluminum

industry for the continued growth of prices

the metal is quite realistic.

19 January 2011
20 January 2011