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Legal support of business

20 January 2011
Legal support of business

Every entrepreneur, starting

His business, or developing a business sooner or later faces the need

Ask for help from a lawyer. It is better not to postpone such treatment.


To lawyers is recommended at the beginning, even before the first deal is concluded.

Firstly: depending on the type of activity that you decided to engage in,

The lawyer will recommend to you in what particular organizational-legal form it is better

Formalize your business. It can be an individual - an entrepreneur,

A private company, a limited liability company, a company with

Additional liability, limited partnership, public or private

joint-stock company. Also, a lawyer will tell you if you need any permits

Documents for this type of business (licenses, patents) and help you choose

Taxation system.


To register an enterprise it is necessary to prepare a number of documents:

Creation, the memorandum of association, the charter, where the basic conditions will be determined

The relationship between the founders and the procedure for managing the firm. Here too

Need qualified legal assistance, otherwise in the future it may

Lead to negative consequences.


Legal support of business. This is the drafting of contracts and the legal analysis of contracts,

Consultations, protection during inspections, representation in the courts,

Executive service, law enforcement agencies.


When the activity is just beginning, the entrepreneur resorts to help

Acquaintances of lawyers, or hiring experts for each action separately. AT

Further, when business is gaining momentum and legal assistance

More and more often, the question arises of a permanent lawyer. This, as a rule,

It turns out cheaper, besides the same lawyer, repeatedly working with you

Better oriented in the specifics of the work of the enterprise, which, as a result, is more

Effectively. At this stage, you need to make a decision: take the lawyer to the state, or

Conclude an agreement with a law firm for constant service.


For and against both options. By hiring a lawyer, you save significant

Means, since the salary of a lawyer will be less than the amount of the monthly

Payment to a law firm. Your new subordinate will always be in place,

Fully familiar with the specifics of doing business, controlled. The legal

Company, despite the constant work with you, still provides services like

A separate business entity that does not obey you, which significantly reduces

Your influence. In addition, SF specialists are not always at hand and

Are busy not only with your problems. Yes, and the services of a law firm are more

Salary of a full-time specialist.


On the other hand, various issues arise in the activities of the enterprise. This

Contractual work, judicial practice, interaction with controlling and

Law enforcement authorities, issues related to obtaining permits

Documentation, tax considerations,

Possibly administrative and even criminal practices. These are the most common

Questions. In addition, depending on the industry of your business,

Will need knowledge in this industry. For example, work with excisable goods,

Supply, construction, production, telecommunication services, banking

Activities, foreign economic operations ... All this also requires special

Knowledge in the required industry. One person, of course, can not absorb such a volume.

The advantage of a law firm is that it employs specialists, each of whom

Which has its own specialization, while, of course, being more

A professional specialist in his field. It is also worth mentioning that

Law firms, as a rule, have connections that in our country

Is important. In addition, payment for services

Law firm can be attributed to gross costs (which will reduce the base

Taxation), while wages need to pay taxes.


Given arguments and specificity of your business, you will choose for yourself the most

Effective solution of the issue: a law firm or a full-time lawyer. Is our

Recommendation: with a large volume of legal work to have a full-time lawyer,

Which will cope with all current tasks. At the same time, the solution

More complex tasks that require additional training, entrust legal



Support of our business is carried out by Law Firm "Sovetnik".

20 January 2011
21 January 2011