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Production of aluminium is growing

14 May 2014
Production of aluminium is growing

In the first quarter of this year, the world production of winged metal increased by 3% compared to the same period last year, which accounted for 12,545 million tons. These data were provided by the international organization International Aluminium Institute, which includes the largest aluminum company. If we consider the data in the producer countries, the share of China in the first quarter of this year accounted for 10.2% of production growth, which amounted to 5,755 million tons. African countries increased production by 2% to 446 T. tons, middle East 12%, to 1,070 million tons. In North and South America, production fell by 6.5% and 8.8% to 1,158 million tons 448 so. In Western Europe the decline in production was 0.3% — 853 T. tons, in Asia of 7.2%, to 584 tons, etc. In Eastern and Central Europe, the decline was 11.2% (924 T. tons), Oceania 1,2%, up to 512 tons, etc.

According to reports, IMIDRO data received from the information center, U.S. Geological survey, indicate that Iran is currently three places higher compared to 2011 in the list of the largest manufacturers of aluminium ingots and occupies 19 place in the production of these products in the world. Already, Iran ahead of France and don’t plan to stop there — the aluminium production in the country continues to increase. In 2012, Iran was at the 20th place if the same trend will continue, by the end of this year he will be ahead of Oman, finishing in 18th place. Will turn Germany is surpassing it, Iran will be able to take 17th place.

According to official statistics, last year, Iran could increase production of aluminum ingots by 4%, which amounted to 350 thousand tons. Among the largest companies in the country — factory «Iralco», located in the Central province of Arak, «Hormozgan» and «al-Mehdi» in the province of Hormozgan. Currently in the province of North Khorasan are construction works on the construction of the plant in Diagrama, the annual production capacity of 36 thousand tons, and South of the plant and the plant in Al-Soleiman in Khuzestan province with a production capacity of 276, and 175 thousand tonnes respectively.

Analysts estimate that by 2018, Iran will be able to produce in year about 975 thousand ingots of aluminum, by 2025 this figure to increase to half a million tons.

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