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The vicissitudes of the steel market in Japan and China

6 May 2014
The vicissitudes of the steel market in Japan and China

The last time the steel market in different countries reeling from an enviable popularity and a decrease or increase in the cost of various types of products in this field is cyclical and wavelike in nature. However, many leading companies of the steel sector try to maintain the prices of their semi-finished products at a given level, despite the decline in demand for metal products. No exception is known to the Japanese Steel Manufacturing company. According to globally recognized analytical Agency Reuters, the management of the steel group of Japan has already declared the immutability of the cost of essential products in anticipation of the may shipments. By the way, the company almost four months, supported a strictly defined level of prices for basic assortment of their products. In part, this decision is due to the tendency of stability and strengthening of the position of the enterprise in the market. On the other hand the cost limit specified is too large finished goods inventory at the warehouses of the company and of the acute shortage of workers in collective enterprises for the rapid construction of new storage facilities. By the way today, Japanese steel is in the crossfire, and too closely watched by all their competitors who are waiting for the slightest misstep from management Steel Manufacturing for a rapid increase in exports of their goods into the country of the rising sun. According to the Director of the Japanese group of companies is the shortage of highly qualified personnel, able to efficiently serve complex construction mechanisms, during the construction of the warehouse of destination has led to a significant accumulation of reserves. So now a metal giant from Japan inhibits the growth of prices for products for the successful implementation of your product in the shortest possible time. In the future, the company hopes to make up for lost profits due to the projected demand growth after a few months. By June, thanks to increased buying activity valuation rolled products may change radically. The same policy is held and the concern of the steel sector of China. A company called Benxi Steel said its customers about the immutability of the prices of its products until at least the end of may. Earlier, this company reduced the selling price of steel semi-finished products of own production.

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