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"Indonesia Asahan Aluminium": new projects in the offing

19 March 2014

The company «Indonesia Asahan Aluminium», a leading aluminium producer in India, plans to increase its production capacity to double by 2019, meaning this goal in the third and fourth quarters of 2014 to begin construction of a new plant for smelting aluminium, investing in the project is $ 1 billion. According to Winardi, Sunoto, Director of development «Indonesia Asahan Aluminium», at the end of the studies of economic feasibility will be immediately announced a competition for selecting the construction contractor. According to preliminary data, the projected plant is to produce 200 thousand tons of metal per year, the capacity of the already constructed plant will increase from 250 to 300 thousand tons.

«Indonesia Asahan Aluminium» is back at the disposal of Indonesia only in November 2013 after a contract signed in 1978 with the Japanese consortium of «Nippon Asahan Aluminum», under which for Jakarta is preserved only 41,12% of the shares. Earlier national media reported on forthcoming joint work «Indonesia Asahan Aluminium» and the state of the Indonesian company «PT Aneka Tambang» on the construction of the alumina refinery in West Kalimantan, where it was confirmed the bauxite Deposit in the amount of 700 million tons.

During the session of the joint Russian-Indonesian Commission on technical and trade-economic cooperation held in Jakarta, between OK «RUSAL» and «PT Aneka Tambang» was signed diplomatic document of understanding providing for cooperation in preliminary exploration and subsequent mining of bauxite and production of alumina in West Kalimantan. According to preliminary estimates the estimated amount of investment in this project may reach 3 billion USD, with 50% of the funds will be allocated to the alumina plant, the remaining 50% for the development of infrastructure (ports, roads, and power).

According to Oleg Deripaska, is the CEO of RUSAL, in Indonesia, domestic demand for aluminium is in the year about 700 thousand tons, for a period of ten years this figure could increase to 2.5 million tons. As to the value of the metal, Yes two and a half years it can grow to 2.5 thousand USD per ton, and the price per tonne of alumina will range from 425 to 450 USD.

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