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Norilsk Nickel has taken another step towards cleaner production

24 July 2012
Norilsk Nickel has taken another step towards cleaner production


MMC Norilsk Nickel signed

Preliminary agreement with

Representatives of the Italian company

Techint SpA, which will be implemented on

Plants of the Russian

Reduction of sulfur emissions in the atmosphere. AT

In particular, we are talking about equipment,

Which will utilize SO2

From off-gases of smelting capacities


The problem

Of harmful emissions at MMC plants

Company management is considering

Long: a tender for the development of an effective

Installations for utilization of sulphurous

Anhydride management of Norilsk Nickel

Announced in February last year.

However, the task was complicated by the fact that

Existing projects of similar units

For GMK plants did not fit (the manufacturer

Work would have to create technology

"From zero"). Nevertheless, the tender was accepted

Participation of more than 25 engineering companies,

Among whose projects the proposal

Techint turned out to be the most acceptable

The correlation of the price of realization and reliability


According to

Statements of Italian engineers, input

In the operation of new purification

Will allow to recycle

About 95% of sulphur dioxide in enterprises

Norilsk Nickel. The first stage of work

Will be completed as early as 2014 (which will allow

Reduce sulfur emissions by at least

50%). The final deadline for all

Project is scheduled for 2016.

23 July 2012
26 July 2012